* Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that may help you out*

Q: What are Collectors Packs and Hoarder Packs?

A: Collectors and Hoarders Packs are named simply because that’s what most of us tend to do- collect and hoard! A collectors pack consists of 1 pull in every design for that round in the color you order. A hoarder pack consists of 5 pulls of the same design in the color that you order.

Q: What is faux leather?

A: Faux leather is a man made material that is both vegan and animal friendly. Our faux leather in particular is approximately 1 mm in thickness with cotton backing; it does have texture to it but is soft to the touch and is very sewing machine friendly... even domestic machines 😉 Be advised when ordering in rolls, these are shipped to our HQ already precut and rolled so we cannot offer continuous cuts on faux leather at this time. Our rolls are approximately 12" x 53-54" and 18" x 53-54" in length and width.

Q: What is TAT?

A: TAT is known in the customs world as Turnaround Time. The TAT is the time it takes from order to our supplier to being processed and shipped out to you, the customer.

Q: When does a preorder TAT start?

A: During pre-orders, our TAT starts from the first business day AFTER the close of the round. Generally, that Monday, dependent on when the count is finished and the order submitted to the supplier.

Q: How long is your hardware/webbing preorder TAT?

A: Our current TAT for hardware and webbing is 10-12 weeks AFTER the close of a round.

Q: How long is your faux leather preorder TAT?

A: Our current TAT for faux leather is 12-14 weeks AFTER the close of a round.

Q: What is your RTS (retail) TAT?
A: Our current RTS (retail) TAT is same day shipping for orders placed Monday-Friday before 4 pm Eastern Time. We reserve the right to change this at our discretion however you will always be notified if this occurs via our website/social medias/email where applicable.

QHow long are your pre-orders open?

A: Our pre-orders are typically open for 2 weeks though they may be extended during certain rounds, at our discretion. If this happens, we will send communication of this decision via our social media accounts and email when applicable.

Q: What are REM points?

A: REM is our rewards program to be able to give back to you as a way to say thank you for your continued support of our business. We have a basic tier and you can work your way up to our 3 different VIP levels. $1 spent= 1 REM point; extra points for signing up, birthdays and more! Join today and take advantage of this awesome program designed with you in mind!

Q: How do I redeem my REM points?

A: To redeem your REM points, you must have created an account with us first to start collecting the points. You should see a little present box in the lower right corner- tickle that button and it’ll take you to where you can sign in. After you sign in, you should see a pop up box (or click the present again) that shows how many points you have as well as how many more until your next reward. Under that is a nifty set of buttons, click the second button named Redeem REM tokens and it will give you any available choices you have to redeem. Click the “Get Reward” button, click yes if you’re sure and viola- your redeemed points will show under DISCOUNT CODES! You have successfully redeemed your tokens and are now ready to use them on whatever you choose!

Q: I have an issue, what do I do?

A: First, let’s stay calm and see what’s going on. We’re more than happy to take a look at whatever the problem is and we will try our very best to fix it. Please send an email to customersupport@nightmarebeforestitches.com with your order number/issue in the subject and we’ll work together with you to try to make it right.

Q: Do you combine shipping?

A: Yes, we do combine shipping. When you place multiple orders, please notate in the cart notes section your previous order number(s). While we do not offer a combine shipping code at this time, we will use whatever balance you have paid for shipping to go towards that cost at time of sending your order out, when label is purchased. For example, if you place 2 separate orders and pay for 1st class shipping via USPS on each order, we will apply the total cost paid towards upgrading you to priority mail via USPS.

If you have already paid for priority shipping via USPS, then any overages will be refunded after the label has been purchased and total orders combined weight is correct to ensure correct postage has been paid.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes, we do. However, we are US based so please know that there could be delays, dependent on current carrier services upon time of shipping. For full terms of our shipping policy, please see the shipping policy.