Hello and Welcome To Your Nightmare!

Well, hello there you! Yes, you, reading this right now! I know what you're probably thinking and no, I don't have hidden cameras set up, this isn't a prank- I know you're here!

Just kidding, I don't really know who you are and you might be wondering that about me to yourself. Me is really an us- my husband and I co-own Nightmare Before Stitches and we're the ones operating this awesome online store! Little backstory on where NBS started...

When the pandemic hit the US, I had decided that I wanted to make masks to donate to those who needed them. As the need for masks started dying off in our area, it became quite clear that it was time to figure out where we wanted to go as a business. We started making our way down the rabbit hole of custom fabric and hardware then- BAM! The plan started forming.

We researched and researched to find the best suppliers who would work valiantly and diligently to give us the best quality in bringing our ideas to life. After narrowing down the list, we started working with our now supplier to create the details that Nightmare Before Stitches is known for. We are proud to be able to bring you unique custom made hardware for bags, clothes and more! 

As we continue to grow, we have big plans to reveal for the future- so stick around with us a while... you'll enjoy what's coming next!

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